Week 1: avatars

The process of making an avatar is always an interesting one and reminds me of my time spent deeply on the Sims, habbo hotel, IMVU, and other platforms growing up. It is an intimate process, a familiar one, and one that I don’t feel like I navigate in the same way now. More recently, it… Continue reading Week 1: avatars

MlxD – Final Execution Plan

Sound Design Ideal goals Launch interactive website with two-three mixes Realistic goals Launch interactive website with one mix Minimum goal Design website using Sketch + Figma to show User flow Interactivity + Visual Design Ideal goals Launch full-fledge working website Website is responsive for mobile and web Website allows users to submit knowledge / information… Continue reading MlxD – Final Execution Plan

Sonic Sessions

Sonic Sessions / Sonic Portals PROJECT DESCRIPTION Sonic Sessions is an experiment in listening that seeks to incorporate music theory, history, and exploration into the way we listen to music and mixes. WHAT Sonic Sessions will combine music literacy through active listening alongside but not limited to the exploration of: Music Theory Music History Activism… Continue reading Sonic Sessions


For this exploration, I decided to use Max to learn more about synthesis and combine that with learning about UI. There were a few parameters for the assignment and eventually I ended up taking an additive approach as I began to work on the assignment. I was first tasked with controlling an element using a… Continue reading Synthesis

Melodic Elements

I spent this past week focusing on effects and research. My last piece I did seemed pretty melodic heavy, so I worked on an additional one and used both effects and sampling to try something new. The inspiration for this piece was pretty accidental. I was listening to some songs I was thinking of including… Continue reading Melodic Elements

Kalimba Rhythm Studies

I’ve been having fun experimenting with Ableton! For some reason, experimentation is starting to feel a little less scary and I’m having fun. In our last class, we talked about rhythm and did a few exercises, so for this weeks assignment I continued with the use of Kalimba-esque sounds and added other sounds with them.… Continue reading Kalimba Rhythm Studies

User Paths

This week, I used Ableton to begin the prototyping of sounds and effects. So far, I’ve prototyped the default sounds of the Kalimba and use the MIDI keyboard to trigger. I also prototyped the wah wah effect. I’m still working on if the second effect for the instrument will be the tuning, mostly because other… Continue reading User Paths

Mood Board + User Journey

I changed my final project idea from creating an installation to creating / building an electric kalimba-esque instrument. I’m curious about getting into performances and would love to explore the possibilities of building instruments through Max MSP so this feels like a good start. Here’s a video of someone playing kalimba: https://twitter.com/louboutintwink/status/1211722029893701635?s=20 Aural Soundboard: https://www.dropbox.com/s/res9xlgltlksat2/Kalimba.aif?dl=0… Continue reading Mood Board + User Journey

Sound in Space: Mono

For my mono piece, I did a sonic exploration of my mind in transit. Oftentimes when I’m taking public transportation, my mind drifts deeply to thinking about different things that are occuring or have occured in my life. Sometimes I’ll write about these things in the notes app on my phone. Othertimes, I’ll just mindlessly… Continue reading Sound in Space: Mono