MlxD – Final Execution Plan

Sound Design Ideal goals Launch interactive website with two-three mixes Realistic goals Launch interactive website with one mix Minimum goal Design website using Sketch + Figma to show User flow Interactivity + Visual Design Ideal goals Launch full-fledge working website Website is responsive for mobile and web Website allows users to submit knowledge / information… Continue reading MlxD – Final Execution Plan


For this exploration, I decided to use Max to learn more about synthesis and combine that with learning about UI. There were a few parameters for the assignment and eventually I ended up taking an additive approach as I began to work on the assignment. I was first tasked with controlling an element using a… Continue reading Synthesis

Black Projection – Update #2

Project Name: Black Projection Summary: “Black Projection” is a portal mapping device that allows users to explore the interconnectedness of time, space, and racist hegemonic design systems. Through this, it extends an invitation to project and take control of our own future. Setup: Setup: Projection / Portal Device in center of room Magnets will be… Continue reading Black Projection – Update #2

Knitting Pattern

A lot of the artwork, I did this summer involved collaging – a mixing of archival material that allowed me to better understand stories and history. Currently, I’m very curious about metals and shine and magnets and how these things relate to my understanding of blackness, technology, and black art. As a result, for this… Continue reading Knitting Pattern

Cyber Aura Witch

My ICM partner Wen Chen and I worked together to create a p5.js sketch that manipulated an image or video for a 1 minute experience. Immediately, when playing around with different ideas, I thought about aura prints which are different types of photographs that can capture your aura. I wasn’t really sure how they worked,… Continue reading Cyber Aura Witch

Origin Tale of Arachne

For physical computation midterm, my partner Douglas and I created a device that tells the origin story of spiders (the tale of arachne). First, we went and bought some reed switches from tinkersphere and tested them out to understand how they work. We then put the sensors on the board and learned that you could… Continue reading Origin Tale of Arachne


Enclosures, Enclosures, Enclosures. This was a fun project but one full of unpredictable errors and obstacles! My initial idea was to create a reparations piggy bank that made a cha-ching sound whenever anyone put money into it. I decided that for my fabrication class, I would tackle the enclosure aspect of it and wait to… Continue reading Enclosures