Black Projections – Update

For my final project, I’m creating a device that invites people to destroy interrogate the idea of the colonial time project (linear time) and investigate how colonization and race as technologies have led to erasure of past and other ways of being, destruction of magic, while creating the “one-world world,” a term coined by John… Continue reading Black Projections – Update

Interactivity IRL

Observation exercises are some of my favorite. It requires me to observe. Observe the things I take advantage of. Move slower or more intently. Hold my head up not just towards the ground. Initially, it was difficult to figure out what I wanted to observe, especially observing something in a way that would also allow… Continue reading Interactivity IRL


Although we went over the Arduino and the Breadboard in class, once I got home I was entirely confused. I understood the different components but when it came time to put everything together it was difficult. Primarily, I had no idea how to attach the Arduino Nano 33 iot to my breadboard. It doesn’t necessarily… Continue reading #Switch

Fantasy Device

Class 01 – Intro to Physical Computation If you could create any kind of fantasy device, what would you create? We explored some of these possibilities in class to begin thinking more critically about Interactions and Interactivity. What is interaction? Bret Victor in “A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design,” discussed the definition… Continue reading Fantasy Device