For our final fabrication project, we learned about motors and techniques for how to mount them. In our physical computation classes, we have learned how to use our servos and connect them with our arduinos but not too much. Admittedly, this was the first assignment I struggled with project ideation. For some reason, I have… Continue reading Motors

Corporeal Exploration

I’m interested in the body particularly surrounding issues of control, issues surrounding biopolitics. Initially, I had this grand idea but I soon realized that grand idea could not be fit within the constraints of this assignment nor do I feel confident executing it. I wanted to make a lifelike silicon cast of parts of myself.… Continue reading Corporeal Exploration

Laser Cutter as a tool

For this week’s fabrication signup we were tasked with using the laser cutter (60 watt Epilog) on the floor. As an artist, I was curious about how I would most likely use the laser cutter in an artistic practice that combined a lot of my interest to tell a story or convey a message. As… Continue reading Laser Cutter as a tool

Make Five Things

For fabrication class, we were tasked with the project of making five things using identically processes. It is quite possible that my initial idea was too ambitious and/or ill-researched but alas I learned a lot in the process and would love to perfect it to create future objects. My goal was to make five coasters.… Continue reading Make Five Things

Let there be light…

For our first assignment in Introduction to Fabrication, we had to create a flashlight or something that lights up. The criteria being: portable, lights up, and is battery powered. Being that this assignment came before in depth electronics knowledge, I decided to keep it simple and explore different materials and methods that I was curious… Continue reading Let there be light…