Sonic Sessions

Sonic Sessions / Sonic Portals


Sonic Sessions is an experiment in listening that seeks to incorporate music theory, history, and exploration into the way we listen to music and mixes.


Sonic Sessions will combine music literacy through active listening alongside but not limited to the exploration of:

  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Activism
  • Collective Knowledge
  • Ethnomusicology

The goal would be to provide an alternative experience to the way we often listen to music. Mixes are stories, woven together with the unique talents of the DJ and the selector. What if we provided insight into the process? What if there were more opportunities to learn the story behind each sample? 


I currently DJ and have/had a bi-weekly residency at Playground Coffee Shop. Sometimes when I would make my own mixes, I would ensure to include a tracklist, but even that wasn’t always helpful unless it was synched up / including the time when it was playing. However, depending on the DJ they can have as many as four samples and effects moving at different moments.

Additionally, for the year I decided that I wanted to become a DJ because I wanted to better my listening practice and actively build a relationship with music.  This thinking about music and sound more intentionally often led itself to a deeper level of research and curation.


Music Listeners who are looking for a curated music discovery experience that exists beyond/outside the algorithms.

Music Listeners who are interested in learning basic music theory and music history in an approachable way

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