For this exploration, I decided to use Max to learn more about synthesis and combine that with learning about UI.

There were a few parameters for the assignment and eventually I ended up taking an additive approach as I began to work on the assignment.

I was first tasked with controlling an element using a button (or a digital off/on state). I decided to learn about they key pressed function in Max and used the pressing of “p” on the keyboard to activate the phasor. I’ve been really drawn to the phasor because of it’s ability to produce a clicking noise.

I then created another button to start a sine wave. I liked the idea of combining the wave with the clicking of the phasor to see how they interacted and sometimes got some pretty interesting results.

For the sliders, I also connected them with buttons and used the built in slider of the live.gain as well as other additional sliders and programmed them so that their min and max made sense and reflected their role.

Max Patch UI:

Max Patch:

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