Melodic Elements

I spent this past week focusing on effects and research. My last piece I did seemed pretty melodic heavy, so I worked on an additional one and used both effects and sampling to try something new.

The inspiration for this piece was pretty accidental. I was listening to some songs I was thinking of including in a DJ performance I was doing and some of the pieces I was listening to were more ambient. The dialogue you hear in the beginning was actually playing on my computer in a different window on twitter when listening to one song and I thought it was part of the song.

When I realized that dialogue kept looping, I recognized that it was not actually part of the song at all, but it gave me an idea on what I could experiment with.

Additionally, I also researched more musical devices that could serve as inspiration as I further develop my device.

I really like the Roland G707 which is a string inspired synthesizer and the hyve which is a 60 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer controlled by pressure and touch movement.

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