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This week, I used Ableton to begin the prototyping of sounds and effects. So far, I’ve prototyped the default sounds of the Kalimba and use the MIDI keyboard to trigger. I also prototyped the wah wah effect. I’m still working on if the second effect for the instrument will be the tuning, mostly because other kalimba tunings usually have different string numbers / lengths.

Video 1: Base Notes of Instruments with No Effect. Still working on how I’d like the ADSR to be for the notes. Right now it’s sequencing which is not what I expected but I like the effects / idea of instrument being a sequencer.

Video 2: Base Notes + “Wah Wah” Effect. Here the wah wah effect is pretty to the “max” in my mind. Would love to experiment with this more and settings for controlling it because as of now the effect is just either on / off but in the actual design of the instrument it would be able to be controlled.

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