Mood Board + User Journey

I changed my final project idea from creating an installation to creating / building an electric kalimba-esque instrument. I’m curious about getting into performances and would love to explore the possibilities of building instruments through Max MSP so this feels like a good start.

Here’s a video of someone playing kalimba:

Aural Soundboard:

First portion is sound of Kalimba without effects, the second portion is sound of the Kalimba with a “wah wah” effect. Traditionally, the wah wah effect is created by placing hand over the soundboard and modulating position as the notes sound, but I attend to create this sonically. Another “effect” I’m curious about experimenting with is creating a knob to change the tuning of the instrument so that users may be able to play different genres of music.

Something that isn’t captured in either of these moodboard + user journey, is the imagined aesthetic of the instrument. I believe that through creating electronic instruments, this increases the possibilities of also what the instruments can look like especially since the need to rely on materials to help create the sound isn’t quite as big in the same way that it is for acoustic instruments.

In addition to sounding well, I want the instruments to stand out as an artistic piece and will be experimenting with the design of the kalimba as part of that, including experimenting with making a circular shape for the body.

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