Music Interaction Design Project Idea

Music Interaction Design Week 1 Prompt

For my interactive music project, I have been deeply inspired by the Golden Record: Sounds of Earth by NASA. These records exist as time capsules of Earth and are etched in copper and plated with gold.

The current sounds they have are:

  • Life Signs, Pulsar
  • Kiss, Mother and Child
  • Tractor, Bus, Auto
  • Train
  • Horse and Cart
  • More Code, Ships
  • Tractor, Riveter
  • Herding Sheep, Blacksmith, Sawing
  • Tame Dog
  • Mud Pots
  • Wind, Rain, Surf

The list goes on. There aren’t many sounds of people speaking or people playing music. It is a record of noise.

For my project, when reimagining this, I would like to create a room sized capsule that has different imagery that can be trigger sound. I am imagining that sound can be triggered by AR image target or by literally touching the image.

Multiple people can be interacting with the piece and create a collaborative sound scape.

TLDR: Golden Record inspired room capsule allowing people to discover the Sounds of the Earth. People move throughout the room and trigger sounds live through AR (image target or phone) or by tactile interaction (touch).

Why? Interested in asynchronous clocks, relative time, time exploration that doesn’t center time as linear, maps, sonic maps / memories.

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