Day 1: Music Interaction Design

On the first day of class, me and my partner Yiting designed an interactive musical experience inspired by a jazz piece that Yiting liked.

The jazz piece had many interesting yet simple components that we wanted to play with and allow someone to control and experience, so we started off with a catalog of attributes:

  • Three instruments: guitar, drum, upright base
  • rotating solos that invite new rhythms and melody
  • tempo that grows over time

We both were also interested in movement and the body and wanted to incorporate that into the piece.

So our idea was to create a three-panel wall sized installation where each panel represented an instrument. Each panel would have a unique visual aspect to represent the instrument and the visual aspect of it would be projected onto the panel.

A person interacts with the piece by moving across the panels. The panel you stand in front of allows you to solo that panel. Additionally, you could change the tempo of the piece by using the height of your body which would be tracked through projection mapping and kinect. Wiggling your arms also allows you to accentuate different points of the piece and alters the rhythm.

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